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  • 1 Reply
    Welcome to the school garden world! Growing a school garden is the most rewarding endeavor you will be involved in. It builds community, connects the kids to the earth and builds skills and confidence for everyone involved. You will lov...
  • 1 Reply
    I am in charge of starting our first school garden. I am a first grade teacher at a K through 6th grade school. Any suggestions on how to get started?
  • 1 Reply
    Hi Charolette!
    Way to go Charlotte and Welcome to the Garden Community! Thanks so much for sharing your story and congratulations for making some Heart Healthy Changes. We are glad that you joined in and can't wait to hear about your jour...
  • 1 Reply
    ​I just found this site and love it:) I love to gardening and grow edible food and flowers. I had a heart attack last November and had a stent put in the main artery. Sense then lost 59lbs and changed my diet for life. Hope to make some friends a...