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This blog features rotating authors who describe the gardening activities they are looking forward to in the coming month. Of course, when and what you plant will vary between gardens. For this reason, we invite all community members to reply with what's happening in your garden - learn, discuss, and enjoy!

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  • Gardening Roots Run Deep
    I have always been outdoor oriented in my personal life and am constantly looking for ways to bring kids and learning outside. Even in Texas when it gets hot, the shade of the tree and a light breeze keeps you cool when you're outside. Having always loved the idea of an outside classroom, work tables and areas where kids could learn outdoors, I was more than ... more
  • Memorial Day - Celebrating with Flowers and Flags
    Originally called Decoration Day, from the early tradition of decorating graves with flowers, wreaths and flags, Memorial Day is a day for remembrance of those who have died in service to our community. The first national celebration was observed on May 30 th , 1868 to commemorate the sacrifices of Civil War soldiers by proclamation of General John A. ... more
  • April Showers Bring May Flowers
    If you are like I am, flowers make you happy! The vibrant colors and wonderful symmetry are a beauty to behold. I have flowers everywhere that I can put them. Whether they are in pots, garden beds, bushes or a field, they are a treasure in your landscape. With the decline in the bee population, we can do our part to offer the bees a safe haven by planting ... more
  • Spring has Sprung in Our School Garden
    Spring is my favorite time of the year. It is that time when new possibilities pop out of the ground and the senses take in the first blooms in the garden. In a school garden, there is excitement each week as the students come out to take a peek in their garden plots to check for progress or problems, like yellow leaves or pests.  Our garden has been growing for 6 ... more
  • Spring is Here! - Garden Planning Guide: Maintenance Tips and Questions Answered
    Spring Garden Planning Guide Have the temperatures been rising and are you yearning to go out into the garden? Spring is finally here and it is a time to start planning and prepping the garden for a successful start to the planting season. There are some recommended maintenance tips for getting your garden underway. Here is a list of common gardening ... more

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Recent Comments

thank you so much for the history lesson; I did not know much of the information you provided, great job!
Beautiful photos and great information! Yep.., I am definitely in the moos for Spring! Thanks for sharing!
Sorry, I have been slacking off, so many appointments, as well as other things to do to maintain a healthy outlook.

Especially Valentine's day, I love those valentine hearts
Wonderful, this is one of my passions. Only thing about it, I have o idea how to get started